Genomaat uncovers the relationships between soil microbe biodiversity and overall field performance. This information enables microbiome engineering and a precise optimization of agricultural inputs for sustainable crop improvement, thereby reducing the costs for farmers and the environment.




Microbiome functional diagnosis

Soil sampling + Metagenomic analysis + Big Data Integration

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) encompasses a group of technologies designed to sequence a large number of DNA segments in a massive way, being a tool especially suitable for exploring microbiomes in general. For GENOMAAT we use this technology to break down the complexity of soil-ecosystem biodiversity into useful biofunctional parameters, revealing the relationship between soil health and nutrition and crop yield and quality. From the first Metagenomic and Functional Soil Analysis of each plot/area, we compose a report with the taxonomic profile of each sample, the biodiversity index, as well as the presence/abundance of different organisms of agronomic importance (such as pathogens, biological control agents, phosphorus solubilizers, nitrogen fixers or nitrifiers, among others).


Microbiota engineering and microbe farming

Soil sampling + Metagenomic analysis + Big Data Integration

Tailor-made microbial solutions based on Futureco Bioscience’s unique collection of microorganisms Custom-Made Bioconsortia or the native flora of the plot (Native Bioconsortia), are complemented by ad hoc programs of biostimulants, to reach the optimal microbial performance and balance in the soil ecosystem.


Evaluation of improved functionality

Soil sampling + Metagenomic analysis + Regenerated soil functionality assessment

After approximately one year of the first sampling, samples will be taken from the same plot / study area, following the same design, and will be sent to FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE for analysis. In this Metagenomic and Functional Soil Analysis we will consider the data obtained in the initial diagnosis as well as agronomic results of the plots treated with the suggested Treatment Program, following strategy 1 (FUTURECO BIOSCIENCE BioConsortia + BioEnhancers) or strategy 2 (Native BioConsortia + BioEnhancers) in order to identify the establishment and persistence of the functional groups introduced.


Futureco bioscience bioconsortia

Bioconsortia are prepared from the unique Futureco Bioscience microorganism collection, which contains more than 3000 identified species. Custom-Made bio-consortia are prepared according to the customer’s specific needs and contain microorganisms with diverse functions.

  • Nitrogen Fixation and Solubilisation
  • Phosphorus solubilisation
  • Drought anti-stress
  • Salinity anti-stress
  • Cellulolytic action
  • Chitinolytic action
  • Rooting promoting action
  • Bioremediation Heavy Metals
  • Bioremediation PPP

Native bioconsortia

Bioconsortia prepared from the soil native communities of microorganisms. Futureco Bioscience offers the opportunity of creating a Native Strain Library (NSL): the key strains of native microorganisms are identified, characterized and conserved at -80 °C. Ready-to-use products or starters for on-site production are made available. The NSL is associated to an accessible database containing all the information about isolation, identification, culture conditions, biological assays, and recommendations of each organism.

  • Targeted isolation of native microbiota
  • Molecular Identification
  • Strains selection for native library
  • Ad hoc production for bioconsortia inoculum

Soil Bio-Community Enhancers

Specific products to ensure the development of an optimal microenvironmental balance for the establishment of proactive microbiota and its persistence, guaranteeing the unfold of the full microbiome functional potential.



  • Improves the biological and functional characteristics of soils
  • Prevents the incidence of pathogens
  • Monitors treatments
  • Anticipates crop needs
  • Defines the optimal microbial composition for the crop
  • Optimises water resources
  • Mobilises nutrients
  • Restores the soil’s biodynamic balance
  • Reduces production costs
  • Regenerates the environment

* Regenerative agriculture is an approach to conservation and rehabilitation of food and agricultural systems. It focuses on regenerating topsoil, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of agricultural land.


Created in 1993 and based in Olèrdola (Barcelona), Futureco Bioscience is an agri-biotechnology company dedicated to research and innovation of products for crop protection and nutrition. Characterized since its creation by an ecological and sustainable approach, and a regenerative agriculture perspective, the company is distinguished by its organization in house. The research, development, and manufacture of all the products is done in the headquarters, from where they are marketed globally: Futureco Bioscience is present in 40 countries and has collaborators and partners all over the world.


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